New Mexico Archery Hunts

We offer three archery hunts in New Mexico. All are premium, private land hunts. During the first archery season Bull Elk are in pre rut, moving and beginning to locate and gather cows. Depending on elk patterns and hunter preference we suggest hunting from blinds over watering holes but we will also spend time on the chase, actively locating moving bulls. By the beginning of the 2nd archery season and through the 3rd archery season, Elk are in full rut. Bulls are busy managing their cows and fending off competitors. This is one of the most exciting times to be in the field. Hunting can be “on” any time of the day.

Season One:

September 1st through the 10th

Season Two:

September 11th through 18th

Season Three:

September 19th through 24th


All New Mexico Archery hunts are based from our private hunting lodge.


Typical September weather is cool mornings and warm days.


Our hunt area in New Mexico is varied terrain. The low lands are a mix of open grass land, sage flats and sparse Juniper & Pinyon Pine. Gaining elevation transitions into stands of Ponderosa and mixed evergreens. Terrain can be easy to rugged. Our base elevation is around 6800 with peaks topping out up to 9,000 feet. We access the field by truck, ATV, or on horseback depending on the days’ strategy.

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