New Mexico Premium Muzzleloader Hunts

Backcountry Outfitters offers two, five day premium, private land muzzleloader loader hunts. Hunts dates are determined by hunter preference but must be scheduled between October 15th and December 31st. We strongly recommend hunters attempt to schedule a hunt from October 15th through October 19th or October 21st through October 31st. During these dates, Elk are in a post rut pattern and are easier to locate as Bulls are usually still bugling. As the season progresses, Bulls separate from cows and head steep & deep, forming into bachelor groups. Depending on the days’ strategy, we access the field via truck, ATV or horseback. Mornings and evenings are prime time, but we often spend the afternoon in the field glassing terrain or relocating to a different hunt location.


Both hunts are based from our private hunting lodge.


Mornings can be cool to cold afternoon temps are generally still quite warm.


Our hunt area in New Mexico is varied terrain. The low lands are a mix of open grass land, sage flats and sparse Juniper & Pinyon Pine. Gaining elevation transitions into stands of Ponderosa and mixed evergreens. Terrain can be easy to rugged. Our base elevation is around 6800 with peaks topping out up to 9,000 feet. We access the field by truck, ATV, or on horseback depending on the days’ strategy.

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